High quality in-home services to make your life comfortable

One membership plan, many benefits

Tidy Up

Get a hotel-style tidy up in the convenience of your own home. Performed by your Happy Helper during every service visit. (1x or 2x per week).
Make the bed

Make the bed

Say good night to a hard day when you come home to a freshly made bed.

Take out trash

Take out trash

Allow your Happy Helper to do the dirty work and remove your trash and recycling.

Refresh living room

Refresh living room

Spend time living in the living room, not cleaning it up!

Spruce-up kitchen

Spruce-up kitchen

Try that new recipe without worrying about who’s doing the clean up.

Bathroom Basics

Bathroom Basics

Don’t worry about if you left the toilet seat up or down, your Happy Helper will figure it out!

Free Grocery Delivery

Get milk, eggs, bread, cleaning products and other everyday essentials delivered to your home for FREE.
Grocery Delivery

Effortless shopping

Order items in a few clicks and your Happy Helper will deliver and stock them in your home.

Add-on Services

Get high-quality add-ons at discounted prices. Performed upon request during a scheduled Happy Helper visit.
Bathroom Deepclean

Bathroom Deep Clean ($40 per bathroom)

From the toilet bowl to the shower and sink, your Happy Helper will take care of it all.

Clean floor

Floor Deep Clean ($30)

Squeaky clean floors, cleaned spotless by your Happy Helper.

Clean Dishes

Handwash Dishes ($10)

Why fight over the dirty dishes. Let your Happy Helper clean up the mess.

Clean kitchen appliances

Kitchen Appliances Cleaning ($50)

Your Happy Helper will carefully and thoroughly clean your Fridge, Oven, Microwave and Stovetop.